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An SEC registration attorney can help facilitate this procedure and assist companies on making the jump from being a privately held company to being a publicly traded one.

The Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC as it is more commonly known throughout many parts of the country, is the independent government agency that is responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations which govern the stock market and securities industry.

         Using a lawyer to help with your registration statement can usually help cut the amount of time and the number of revisions needed in order to get approved, down to a minimum. You have to go through comment phases with SEC staff until declared effective.

An SEC registration attorney can help facilitate this process and assist companies on making the jump from being a privately held company to being a publicly traded one, with a minimum of difficulty.

As with most government agencies, the regulations surrounding the Security and Exchange Commission’s policies can be a bit convoluted and difficult for the average person to understand. Policies and laws that were devised to protect people can often deter anyone from even attempting to understand them, let alone attempt to engage them. This can make successfully navigating the paperwork that is required to engage this agency extremely difficult . An SEC registration attorney specializes in exactly this paperwork, and can help simplify the process for business owners.

If you are even considering taking your private company and converting it into a publicly traded company, then it is crucial that you engage the services of an SEC registration attorney. Without the aid of one of these legal professionals, you may find yourself with a rather uphill battle that can be fraught with many stops and hurdles. With the help of a lawyer, you can avoid many of these difficulties altogether.

SEC History

The Security and Exchange Commission was first founded in 1934, in response to the lingering fallout from the Great Depression and the market crash of 1929. (see the next column)

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Until that point, there was no regulation over the reporting and income generated by companies that were offering shares of stock for sale.

With the advent of the SEC this stopped, and investors were given a measure of financial protection. While this was very good for those that wished to invest, it did complicate things a bit for those that were interested in selling shares of their company.

Even today, this remains a very difficult and tedious process, which is best handled by an SEC registration attorney.

SEC Lawyers are skilled professionals that are highly trained in the process of taking
businesses from being private corporations to publicly traded companies.

Securities attorneys specialize in helping file documents accurately and are experts in all areas of securities law.

If you wish to go public then you should consult with an SEC Attorney.